[F]Today's update shows a virus??

Hi all.


This morning, I opened the client to play a for a while. During the update, the download progress was halted and AVG popped up with:


Virus: Win32/Heur 

Object name: C:\program files(x86)\Star Conflict\game.exe


I played last night with no issue. Today, this shows up.


Has anyone else had this issue?



I did a little bit of research and chose to ignore the AVG warning.


Now, I cannot update at all and I get this message after running the file check:


“Not enough access rights to perform this operation”


Router is allowing access (has never been blocked).

Played fine previous evening with no issues.

Only happened when game attempted a 100+mb update this morning (11:30 Eastern).


Any thoughts or suggestions?

Check if your anti virus is blocking the launcher and try to run it as administrator.

The antivirus had to be disabled in order to complete the download.