[F]T2 ships with Nukes

There are people who have Nukes on T2 ships. I’ve now run into 2 people doing this. One was using a Machette, the other a Demios.

Unless Dev fixed the auto-reload issue, there will always be ppl spamming nukes.

Mak (SYN) has been doing it for a week or more now.  I along with many of my corp. mates have reported him but support is a joke and obviously could care less. we even offered to give sreenshot proof.

So sad now SAB corp is using this exploit as well. I cant point at the whole corp as I only watched 1 guy from SAB do it so far but sad for sure.

Issue has been reported.

Feel free to post the players who abuse this


Currently its a bug with prefittet equipment in combination with auto refill of ammo. If you have at least 1 unit remaining and auto refill tagged, you wont run out of them.


But this bug was reported a while back. Therefore obsolote items got removed. But the prefitted items brought them back in…

There is another post nameing some players.  I have seen just 2 people doing it personally Mak (SYN) and Lion7 (SAB).  Im happy to see the staff interested in this however where did my in game reports go?  Why did this have to come to a public forum before something is done?