[F]Support Module power issue

i’ve written in another thread about the huge power consumption of suppot modules - now i noticed a second bug (?):

my frigate t2+ legion hydra 2 capacitor recharge upgrade mk2 can run 2 t2+ support modules (hull and shield regen) without any energy shortcommings except when boosting (i also got an anti missle system t2+ barely used, use causes energy lvl dropping rapidly)

for some reason i decided to remove the shield regen and tried the weapon inhibitor t2-1

so, i did some calculating and ended up with a lower power consumption, having all three support modules active - that was my plan which failed, why?

hullreg + shieldreg = 17*2gj = 34 gj + missle defence (if active) = 34 + 6 = 40 gj

hullreg + wepinhi + missledef = 17+6+6 = 29gj

40 - 29 = 11gj free to use…where do these joules are going? neither i was boosting nor under influence of electronic warfare modules…

so either it’s as said above a bug or the devs don’t like supporters (i don’t think so, but right now it’s like: “…it’s hard enough not to camp and use lasers / desintegrator, so why make the life of objective playnig players harder?”)

Thanks for the report. It may be that this is not a bug, but some issue with wrong numbers in the tooltips.

thanks for the quick response, but i’m afraid, there are more bugs / mistakes in the tooltips: the adv. armor modifiers t2

again my frigate legion, t2+ lvl2 about 9k hp

“t2mk1 hull increase”: increases hull strength by 25%

my calculation:

9000 * 0,25 + 9000 = 9000 + 2250 = 11050 but i only get about 10,5k …

About the % increase for hull I have hoticed the same for shields. Also the stats are resetted after changeing equipment in the hangar.

Im also running Support Modules on my frig and in one game ive hoticed a similar issue. Hull repair, Shield regen and missile defence active = Energy increases, a bit later my energy is rapidly dropping. Only using extended capaciator. And no one in range used energy emitter.