[F] "support" button causes lockup

I’m guessing that the “support” button in the hanger “esc” menu is supposed to spawn a webbrowser?


It hangs the game, requiring that I switch to a virtual terminal and kill -9 StarConflict.


In case you’re wondering, the *correct* method to spawn a webbrowser on linux, is…


system(“sensible-browser http://google.com &”);


the function system() is defined in <stdlib.h>


Don’t forget to put the ampersand at the end, or it will lock up until the browser terminates.


This will behave correctly, that is, in Chrome (and FF and friends) it will spawn another tab, if there is no browser loaded, the default browser will load, and so on.

It does this crash when clicking any link.  It’s been like this for a while. 

Fixed in, good work