[F]Steam Download not working

SO, i tried to download via Steam. it doesnt download the while cliant. only acout 300m/b of it. i also purchased the merc pack. i have yet to get steam to “finish” the install. everytime i do try to start the game i get this error.


Internal error (error code: 0xC0000022). Close all applications and try again.

If this does not help, press “Error report” and send the report to product customer support.



This is insane, i looke dall over both websites for fixes and nothing. i can install the game cliant from the main website and it works(sometimes. i sometimes have to keep clicking play for it to actually work).


i will need my licenses refunded if there is no fix today.

i will need my licenses refunded if there is no fix today.



After an hour or 2 working on this problem with my brother. We figured out that something is corrupted with the files that is given to new users. I didn’t have this problem, and i started this game a week ago. so What I did was Zip my file and sent it over to my brother to paste into his game folder.


long story short. it works. I can give the community the files so they can play, but I NEED permission from the developers to host this on Google drive and release the link.