[F] Steam Bonus - additional Loot attempt

Hello, I purchased the Elite Pilot pack off of Steam. With my licence I get 5 tries at loot. I bought my Friend the Merc. pack a few weeks later and he gets 6 tries at loot! Perhaps my account is set weird…? If so it just took me 373 games to figure out =(.



Thanks for the awesome game


you have to launch the game thru steam to get the extra loot chance. I have it as well

I do open the game though Steam and I log on using my Steam account. But I did make a mistake I get 5 loot chances and my friend gets 6.

You need the explorer pack from steam(The 18.99 euro one) the elite doesn’t offer an extra loot chance I believe.

Ah, well that seems odd to me but it makes sense. Thank you for the response.

This would seem to be the case, I purchase the 19.99 pack and I now have 6 loot chances.