[F]Star conflict Client problems (bad client version unable to install update)

I cannot manually download the update, i am playing the game through  steam and it says there is no updates available but when i go to sign in it tells me my client is bad and i have to download the new up date. When i go to the link it provides it basically just tells me i have to re install the whole game and i have xxxx internet so that could take me up wards of four hours. I just want to install the damn update and play but i cant find it anywhere

Had this happen to me yesterday.  Just do a full reinstall.  Sucks though.

and steam shows that there is no client updates so i can’t download from there

god i love the game, but the website is absolute xxxx, and all the support around it. It took my fricken forty minutes to set up my profile on the game because the registration WOULD not load right. I might just give up on it completely, but i really love it, just needs better support

I unistalled my steam version, then just reinstalled from the site, wasn’t that hard, but yah annoying.

Wait, is the official stance that the devs aren’t bothering to upload the update to steam servers?