[F]Spawn shield

I would like to ask if it’s intentional to have spawn shield not drop on aggression? In conjunction with the close proximity of some beacons to spawn points this makes is possible to smart bomb multiple enemies before losing invincibility.

I don’t know any game where you keep spawn shield while activating your weapons. There might be a reason for that.

signing on this

10 seconds invu on spawn is ok aslong as you cant shoot

Its there so that the enemy team can not Spawn camp you as you fly in. Ive had several games where we got spawn camped and the 10 seconds of invulnerability barely helped.

you have 10 full seconds of full DPS while having no need to repair or manuever

if thats not enough i dont know what is

the only way u can get camped is by a few legion frigs duck hunting you when the invu is done

and thats still a long shot because u can dodge them

OP is right. the ability to shoot while having god mode to help you survive at spawn doesnt make sense