[F]Skils and unlocking new toys in Shop

Are the skills that should unlocking new thing are worth anything? Like armor upgrades etc? Because I’m sure, that i got access to those things before i learned skills,

How exactly is it working?


you are right there are skills needed to unlock some upgrades, but because whole skill tree is going to be reworked, devs unlocked all upgrades and weapons, so we can test them now.

Uh, ok thx. Thats now make sense :slight_smile:

What about skills giving i.e. shield resistance bonus - i see totally no difference before and after improve for some lvls? Its not working or just need some additional tooltip info?

The higher skills only work for T3/T4 ships in order to prevent the new players from fighting people with a full skill tree.

Not really understand what do you mean. If you trying to say then high lvl gamers - when playing on low lvl tiers ships - cannot contribute from high tree skills its all right… Just explain me please why some players seems to be a lot tougher (i.e. ESB clan lvl 15+ players) from all rest of T2 pilots? Rapid plasma need up to 5 sec to take down shields of 95% of frigates, but i seen some ships when after 20 sec of continous shooting I just give up because I could do nothing… I part of experiment I used one of T2 Fighters with all rare resist/regen modules and Interceptor with Assault Plasma took down my shields in few sec… So, you sure it not working on low tiers at all?

Exactly. Lower ships won’t get any benifits from high skills.

It depends on the weapon type the attacker uses and on the resistances of the attacked player.

I also experienced that I sometimes need a few seconds to kill someone and some times up to 1 minute or more.

Since the ESB guys are in game for long time now, they know many got tricks and have good knowledge about the game system.