[F]ships speed


speed of attack ships and frigates is too high, there is no point to use interceptor when in some points attack ship may be as fast as interceptor and with more firepower. give more to speed for interceptor or reduce others ships speed to make interceptors more valuable in fight.

Hello, Interceptors are getting a better speed on T2.2 so I think there is no need for changing speed. Of course the Federation Attack Ship got a lot speed, but that is the ability for Federation ships.

true federation are imo too fast and too agile (stil for me a turning curve for federation is smaller than for imperial. that makes federation interceptors much more useful - less chance to hit you and intercept you) . as i said more HP for hull isnt compensation for imperial ships anyway, one shoot from sniper, and there is no interceptor anymore, and imperial ships are easy to hit. well maybe some tweaks are still needed

But this does not say that Federation ships are stronger. I know many players which can’t fly ships which much speed and take Empire or Jericho.

By the way there is module in the higher Tiers which is called Light weight hull. It should help the Empire Interceptor to get some more speed.

im using that plate. try to play as imperial, you will know what we want to say :slight_smile: time to turn your ship is longer so speed wont even help here. it may be slower ok, no problem, with some upgrades you are right, speed may be higher. but agility and turning rate is too slow ant that should be changed a little bit.

I already got Legion on rank 10 in the past :slight_smile: I think Empire ships need some teak with the hull. I will see what can be done there.

maybe it will help, but according to what is now, not in the past :wink: one good shoot from frigate takes ~2500 dmg, so its entire shield and a piece of hull hp, second shoot within 2 seconds and you are dead anyway. and as you know railgun with mods is very very fast. so still no chance to escape, but enything counting from now will be better for imperials if it improve survivability

personally i think ceptors are to agile (speed is fine) they just literally run circles around the other ships, and it should be nerfed by about 15-20%. it should be done so that you can get 1 shot off every now and then, unlike now where you dont even see the little boogers