[F]Shader issues causeing game to crash.

Ever since the patch update the game has started to crash randomly during a match, me and my friends went through the files to see if anything changed but everything remained the same. Even after verifing the files through the Steam page and everything comeing up good it still crashes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but with no luck. My graphics are set to low and the only change I made to the game was changing my name via the ingame thing (ChordoPhone -> CaptSmiles). No in global or my corp seems to be having this issue which leads me to assume that it is just my computer and the patch not getting along, I’ve been playing long enough to get the loyalty thing before the patch but have found the game to be amazingly fun and epansive. I would like help from anyone who could lend a hand, a dev would be nice, to help me get back into the fight without having the game shut itself off each time I try and play a game. It loads in and within 10-30 seconds it boots me saying there are issues with the shader with big cap letters saying SUCCEDED (or however its spelt). Thats all I can remember, if it gets worse or anything like that I will post an update. The hanger and the main screens work fine, its just the battle screens.

I have had this happen to me 3 times in one match…the game is unplayable. Matches are not being decided by better skill and ships, but by who is lucky enough to have even half the team able to play without crashing.

This bug should be fixed now, if you are still getting it please PM me and I will re-open it.