[F]Server down?

Is it just me or are we getting a new patch so soon? Or something worse?

:excl: _ Ya, Server Down _. :excl:

Lulz, have a look at my thread below. I stayed online somehow in the game when it crashed…

By trying to log in it says this in my game log

18:37:25.421 | MasterServer_OnServerAddresess: status code 0
18:37:25.453 | MasterServer_OnNewsFeed: status code 0
18:37:26.140 | MasterServer_OnServerStatus: status code 0, server status 5
18:37:26.312 | MasterServer_OnServerVersion: status code 0, version, my version is

Server Status: Server not Responding

looks like the server got nuked…

Servers are up running again!!!

Servers are up running again!!!