[F]Server connection issues

Hi guys! 


I am new to this game.


Some 3 minutes ago I was in mid of a battle when all of a sudden I got booted out and I can’t connect to the server again. As you can see, there is nothing wrong with my internet connection, so what I want to ask is: is this throwing out of the game a normal issue at this stage of the game development? Or is there something that I can do about it?


Thank you all in advance for any constructive answer!



There are some Server-Restarts at the Moment, cause they want to fix some minor Bugs.

Wow. Talk about fixing bugs on the move!

Well that’s cool!


Where can I inform myself about these ongoing bug-fixes? (will be good for future reference so that I don’t get into a battle when there’ll be some maintenance going on)

If you start the launcher, on the left side you should see a short message:


Server Restart



Game Servers will be restarted for critical bug fixes.

Found it! Thank you! :slight_smile: