[F]Second Weapon Modifier(F2) Does Not Affect Weapons Statistics



On my T2 ships, the second weapon modifier, F2, does not appear to modify the gun at all according to the stats. Only F1, the first weapon modifier appears to make a change to the weapon’s statistics. In addition, the rank 6 Jericho implant does not affect the velocities of plasma or railguns, however it does increase the maximum laser temperature correctly


Edit for clarification: weapon modifiers that enhance damage of a certain type( double deflectors for plasma for instance) are the ones that malfunction. I have not yet tested this for damage type converter modifiers.

It should only modify it when the modification is selected in-game.  I believe the hangar page only shows the effect of the first available weapon mod.  You can pretty easily tell the difference in-game.


I can’t argue with your second point; I don’t have any numbers or ability to test it currently.  I had wondered exactly what increasing the laser temperature did.  Does that make it overheat faster?  Deal more damage?  Make the beam brighter?

concerning the second point. Laser temperature increase means that one can fire the laser for longer without the weapon overheating. This works because i observed the max temp before and after i implanted the implant and it did show a positive change.


However concerning the first point. Could you clarify? Does it mean that the change will only show in the pre match ship selection screen / death screen?

The ship stats in the hangar only show the first wepaon modifier, move the 2nd to the first slot and it shows the stats with those boosts.

true, but i wanted to look at the attritive stat enhancements by all of the modifiers

Since the modifiers don’t stack, why would you want to see that?

forgive me, prior to a few minutes ago, i had a misinterpretation at how the system workedd

T2 R6 Jericho Implant only works with Ships of rank 6 or higher.