[F]Scenarios get constant Frame skips and drops since the last Update

So yeah, I have to admit that I’m not playing the game for long, but this thing is pretty obvious, in fact, it surprises me why nobody noticed it yet.


While I like the new game mode with the EMP bomb a lot (forgot the name), it seems that since it’s been added, I experience constant fps problems when playing Scenarios, to the point where I can’t play them anymore at all because the screen freezes and suddenly I’m dead, and that’s a sad thing because I tend to play very action-y especially in PvE.


So, yeah, I am not just imagining this, when I started the game I exclusively played Sncenarios for quite a while and it worked fine, and nothing in my computer changed since then.


This thread is mainly to find out if there are more people experiencing this than just I, if so, we should probably gather some attention on that.

Don’t know about scenarios, as I’ve only played one, and it ran pretty well, but I myself have been experiencing constant fps drops ever since I started playing T2 games. I guess the increased player count would have something to do with it, but it’s starting to get really annoying. Sometimes, the screen will be stuck on a single frame or two for a good seven seconds or so. Luckily, it’s never caused me to die or cost me an objective, but if this keeps up, I can just tell that it will happen eventually. The main thing is that the game ran smoothly on maximum settings in T1 matches, and now, even after turning all of the settings to low, I am still experiencing frequent fps drops in T2 matches.


Anyways, here are my system specs (Nooage, you should post yours as well. Just for reference). It’s a pretty low-end system, but I think it just about meets the official system requirements:


Windows 7 64-bit


Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8600 2.4 GHz

Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT


It’s a little bewildering, considering I can run MechWarrior Online (which has official specs above both my computer’s and Star Conflict’s) on minimum settings with few performance issues.