[F]Reputation bug

Reputation calculation on the main screen and the ship research window does not taking into account contracts fulfillment, but the contract window does.

It’s not a bug. The contact screen reputation is for your sub faction(Techs) and the hangar reputation for your main faction (Jericho).

The main faction reputation is not depending on the contracts.

What is the point of the sub faction reputation?

It unlocks stronger equipment for your ship.

Its kind of confusing to have the sub-faction reputation being very close to the faction reputation but not quite.


Also why does sub faction related ship available for purchase using faction reputation instead of sub-faction?


Lastly if I switch over to the other sub-fraction to gain reputation, its kind of weird to start from rank 1 sub-fraction and adding reputation to high level rank for the main fraction. (I assume that’s how it works)