[F]Raid Contract 'Regeneration as the Key to Victory' Bugged?

I’ve tried and tried to complete the Raid contract ‘Regeneration as the Key to Victory’ and wondered if it was bugged or If I am doing something wrong? 


The text for the contract reads


Using the Direct shield generator module on your allies, destroy or assist the destruction of 10 enemy ships’ 


I loaded up my Templar type S and Templar AE (both tech 2 Jericho ships) with a shield generator T2 MkII and completed both PvP and PvE battles with over 10 assists with the shield generator running at all times (my highest number of assists was 14 IIRC) yet I don’t get the contract completion.


I also ran in T3 battles to see if the text was incorrect with the same results and I tried a premium Shield Generator T2 and my epic Experimental shield generator T2 on T2 and T3 battles still with no luck.


If anyone can confirm it’s working and where I am going wrong or indeed if it’s not working I’d be most appreciative!

I’m not Raid, can you post a screenshot of the complete information panel of this contract please?

here you go


hmm not sure why its showing up blue, I opened the file up locally and it’s fine

“to fulfill the contract you need T2 ships or higher” :

poorly translated : you need ONLY T2 ships or higher in ALL YOUR SLOTS.

I’ll add this to the FAQ

I’ve tried it with all T2 ships slotted, will run a battle now and confirm

so I just ran a T2 battle, all T2 ships slotted. Still didn’t work. Here are the Screens.


Screen 1 shows the start of the battle confirming I have all T2 ships slotted


Ignore Screen 2, look at Screen 3 and see I have a Premium Shield generator T2 fitted to my Templar AE.


Screen 4 shows the battle results -a win with 2 kills and 10 assists. 


Screen 5 shows results (I got the Retaking Beacons contract fulfilled)


Screen 6 shows 0% progress in the Regeneration as the Key to Victory’ contract. 









That’s strange indeed.

You need to use the Direct Shield Generator. It also seems you have to pop the generator and then kill somone while its active.

After a couple of days of grinding Tier II battles I was finally able to buy 3x Tier III ships and I am now able to make progress. It seems you have to have all Tier III not just one or two in order achieve it.


I would therefore suggest/request that the last line of the text box describing the requirements be


‘To fulfill the contract you need three Tier III ships in your hangar and take them into battle’


I hope the devs read this, QA should have picked up on this pretty easily…

It’s already on the FAQ of the Wiki :

Q I can’t finish my contract, but i did everything they asked me.

A Sometimes a contract asks you a minimum level for your ship : “To fulfill the contract you need T2 ships or higher”. This means that all your ship slots must have this level or higher ships.

If you don’t have enough ships of this level yet, you can empty a slot.

Link in my signature

My point is you need T3 or higher not T2 so the text needs to change.

oh sorry. 


Plus you’re the one that made me add that to the FAQ :confused:

Sorry Benache but if you scroll up I never asked you to add it to the FAQ. You assumed it was poorly translated and needed all T2. I tried out all T2 and it still didn’t work then spent a lot of time confirming it was actually T3.

Well, that’s not what i meant.


This kind of question was already asked, and you reminded me of it so i had it to the FAQ.


But, I agree, it doesn’t apply to your case which is more a bug then anything else.

In your screenshots you’re using shield generator, not direct shield generator.


Direct Shield Generator heals one friendly target that has the least hp left for 4xx pts every second for 6 seconds