[F]Quest Progression Not Saved

My progression on the “quest” Riposte (Federation, criteria: win 20 battles) wasn’t saved between gameplay sessions.

I ground out 5 victories, then decided to take a break for a little while. When I came back, a new day had rolled over (I know this because I collected my daily reward, and so this is my suspected cause) and all of my progression had been lost.


I’m submitting this as a bug because I don’t think it should have happened, and because if this is indeed an intended mechanic, resetting with the progression with the day cycle, then it would be really nice if this was bad very obvious in some way, because I imagine it would leave more than a few people feeling let down.


Unfortunently, I can’t provide evidence of my previous five victories, though if you’d like, I can submit a screen of my current number of victories (1).

I did this mission over 3 resets worth of time, so it had to have been something with you. Now… Did you change subfactions to do contracts? As that would reset it as well.

No, I didn’t. I have since then (moved onto the Jericho quests), but I hadn’t at the time. I haven’t actually tried to recreate the bug, but we’ll see if it happens on the Jericho line, though I’m not there yet.


we had some fixes today, is the issue still appearing for you?