[F]PVE Loot no longer guaranteed

Before the most recent patch the purple colored loot in PVE was a guaranteed chance to loot a module.


After the patch it is no longer guaranteed.  Sometimes you’ll get trash items from the purple loot and other times if you do manage to loot a military or experimental module it gives the 10%/ 33% loot chance window.

Oh snap. If this turns out to be [NB] I’ll be very upset.

We are currently thinking about how to change this.

simply make the guaranteed loot reward a 100% extract rate.  Since it’s mark all ready on the Map, I would assume it’ all ready flagged in the game programs.

Wait I’m confused… you guys are thinking about HOW to do this, or what your going to do instead of guaranteeing 1 node of PvE loot? I really hope it’s neither of those and your just dragging your feet about fixing a mistake.

Will be fixed tomorrow.

Анонс Star Conflict OBT v0.8.1 update #3

Will be fixed tomorrow.

http://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/35056-анонÑ-star-conflict-obt-v081-update-3/’>Анонс Star Conflict OBT v0.8.1 update #3

Any chance of an english version? I’m not too well versed in the intricacies of the russian language.

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