[F]Pulsar fires through Roids

ok dog fighting with frigates is probably the only way to really avoid there fire.


But the use of the pulsar negates that for 8 odd seconds


Ok to deal with that you would use the asteroids to hide your ship for the 8 seconds 




Pulsar hits through any asteroid and people are using that to hide there ship from damage and deal massive damage to any one within the area


This is making frigates hugely over powered


OP? LOL. It’s the only real measure frigates got to fight off good fighter/interceptor pilots besides mines. Not to mention its only like 1200-1400 range so you can easily get out of range.

not while in a roid field can get away within 8 seconds

Right now it is intended to hit through any sort of obstacles.


Pulsar has a very short range. (1400m for an mk3) Best is to simply fly out of the range and wait a moment.

Currently this intended, it may be changed in the future.