[F]Preparing to download..........Forever

I started my launcher, and the download never start. It shows the network is OK, but the “Preparing to download” remains.post-64373-0-51694500-1359227122.jpg

Same here

even all FAQ links for the other donwloads are down…motsly “internal server error” or 502 “bad gateaway”

ive got a launcher but dont know what vs it is and the “download latest launcher” is dead to

i didnt installd it on C coz ssd, its on another hdd (F:) just hoping the temp data wont spam my ssd

I try to download the game but it keeps coming up as “Not comonly used. Could be dangerous” and it dosent let me instal it!!

SOS can you help me please? :dntknw:  :facepalm:  

One possible solution is keep restarting the launcher. If you are lucky enough, there may be a time that it works and starts downloading the file. But I don’t believe this is the best way to solve the problem. Could any GM answer this question, please?

Downloading right now,at only 250kb a sec(i have a 3mb sec connection) but at least its working