[F]Plasma "Needle deflector T2" modifier description

The “damage reduced” is merely a typo, I hope…
But, how can a mk.II modifier have a lesser value than a mk.I?


Why does “needle deflector T2 mk.I” offer a change of 8.3%


and mk.II offers, merely, 7%?


I’ve attached the screenshots with the values in question marked by a red box.
I don’t know if this is a simple “text”/description bug, or if the values are pulled from some database.



However… if the “damage reduced” part isn’t a typo it is logical, 'xcept there was no warning about this and no mention in the patch notes…

i think that Damage reduced is intended. it allows to use totally different type of damage therefore its a bit reduced.


Then the problem is why Laser EM modifier works in opposite way (reduction)

MK1 - 1%

MK2 - 2,5%

MK2,5 - 4%

MK3 - 4,8%


But plasma kinetic modifier have(reduction)

MK1 - 8,3%

MK2 - 7%

MK2,5 - …

MK3 - 4,9%


still… DIS MAKES NO SENSE  :facepalm:

currently if typo isn’t mistake, and numbers are correct, then MK1 laser modifier to EM dmg is BETTER then MK3