[F]Plasma arc range

The plasma arc is listed as having a range of 120m.  From the 0.8.5 patch thread, other users have tested it to be over double that range for at least minimal effectiveness.  Me, and probably others, have probably used this range as part of their timing for when to start using the module.  The text should reflect the maximum range, not optimal.

Lul yes please just change this in the next patch.  It confused me for a while too.

I think the actuall range is correct, but it is not showing the thing what you expect to see.

Here is how I think it works. (simply ilustration without actuall range values)


Probably I was wrong.

Its 300 Meters… Its been submitted to be changed a while back, I will remind them.

Changed, thank you for the reminder.

Thank you for being on top of it Hwistler :slight_smile: