[F] permanently in windowed mode bug?

i was playing alright til awhile ago after patch it seems im stuck in windowed mode and doesnt matter if i tweak settings it will always default to windowed with my max resolution. any help with the devs? im using a laptop btw and like i said it was running fine awhile ago

c:\Users\<username>\Documents\My games\StarConflict\user_config.xml


Change to your resolution


<r_3dheight val=“1080” />
    <r_3dwidth val=“1920” />

<r_width val=“1920” />


Or just delete this file and your options will reset to defaults. The new user_config.xml file will be created after new launch.


Warning: change this file only on your own risk.

add this line or edit it to
    <r_fullscreen val=“2” />
 for changing the display mode from windowed fullscreen & max windowed