[F]Patcher Not Completing, "Not enough access rights to perform this action"

So I haven’t had this problem until the latest patch, but the game is unwilling or unable to complete the patching process.


When I ran the patcher the first time, it got nearly to the end and then gave me the error message “Not enough access rights to perform this action”. I then made sure that my client was given admin access to run, and started the launcher again. When it loads I get the message “Some files have been corrupted: *list of files*” and I then chose to do a full files check. The patcher starts to check, and then after a minute or two returns the same message about access rights.


I have attached the log from today when attempting to patch the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



[2013_01_21_16_41_33__3352.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5131)

Hello, is your game folder located on Programms x86?
If yes please move it to another location.

Alright, well I uninstalled the game, and re-installed in my c:/users directory, it’s patching now, and seems to be working, i’ll update if it fails again.


I am curious however why that is required? Since the last patches had no problem writing there, it auto prompts me to install to the x86, and War Thunder has no issues patching to the same directory that star conflict was in (C:/ProgramFilesx86/Games).


I don’t mean that question as an attack on the way it works, or the company, just curious why SC is having issues now and WT doesn’t. Thanks.


*Update* Patcher completed successfully, game runs fine. Thank you for the help. *Update*