[F]Orion Targeting Complex t3 mk3/exp

:learn: The description of t3 mk3 orion targeting complex and the purple one are identical. Both show: increases main weapon damage 120% for 7 sec. Or is no difference between the both?

pics! i want pics! >:(






btw can s.o. tell me, why i get always the message: this imgage size is not allowed…when i want to post a pic with the url??? 



edit: also a bug?: the pictures for uranium shells and vanadium shells are the same 

It gets a shoter cooldown though xD 

well i confess that i didnt saw that :facepalm: I realy should use these f******* glaces. But i am now a little bit disappointed, because we have a damage increase from mk1 to mk 3 , now the only difference between mk3 and exp are 2 sec cooldown :sad:


but ok, thread can be closed

Yeah true, it could use a slight increase…even a 125%-130% is a slight increase but shows that its atleast an upgrade from mk3

the actual downtime is reduced from 32 to 30 and that is ~6%. It’s not all that bad.