[F]not of rank but have the ship.

I previously bought the phobos aura and the hydra before patch 0.8 recieved my money…but got to keep my hydra but not my phobos…

my question is; why am i allowed to keep my hydra when its rank 6 and i am rank 5 but not my phobos under this same surcomstance and let me keep my phobos even tho its rank 7 and im still rank 5…

PS; i worked a week getting the rep and money for my phobos…im not to pleased that you ripped it from my hand and told me i need to work harder to get it back… its now going to take me several weeks to reobtain and then several more after that to get the synergy levels back.

so open the wound more and take my hydra from me or give me my ship back. but just thought id let yall devs know that this slipped through.

Please attach the screenshots.



there ya go.

In some cases you were allowed to keep some higher ships.

This is intended.