[F]No desktop Icon

So when i downloaded the game I noticed that it didnt come with a Desktop Icon. Is this normal? perhaps an open beta thing? im just curious because whenever i want to open the game i have to hit the download button just to get it to pop up

Same here, probably couse of beta.

32bit - “C:\Program Files\Star Conflict\Launcher.exe”

64bit - “C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Conflict\Launcher.exe”

Just create Shortcut :01212:

It could be that this is a problem with the latest client, but as already mentioned, just create a shortcut.

It’s not on the desktop, and it’s not on the start menu.

Yes you have to look for the folder in the programs and make it manually.

How do I make a shortcut? I know itsp robably simple as pie, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

You need to go to the installation folder and than right click on the launcher and create short cut.