[F]No Auto Update Of Game Version

why doesn’t game update itself? there is no patcher… do we have to redownload and reinstall again? that’s not good and not user friendly… hope you guys can fix it

Why? Start the Launcher and he Updated automatic the last Version of the Game.

yes but i have to download the whole game again… 1Gb!? don’t tell me the size of update is as large as the game itself? please no

At the moment this is the way the game patches, but we hope to improve the download speed soon so it will work better.


I am in Canada and i can only download at 50k to 100k from your servers. It took me more than 8 hours to download the 1gb game… something that takes 30 minutes usually on my high speed internet connection.

You need to either fix your server download speed, or the way you patch. I will not play a game that makes me wait 8 hours at each update, and this will be a deal breaker for a lot of people too.

There is already a topic about this issue and we are searching for a solution.

I am playing the game myself so I know the issue very well.

Further the game is still in beta so you can expect a lot more changes until the release.

I’m a mod and not a dev so my job is to forward the information and the devs take their to set a priority to every part that needs to be done.

We are glad to get feedback, but please dont get to offensive.

I’d take my offensiveness with a grain of salt, but I’ll try to adhere to your request. I will say that I’m only *** because I like this game, and I do not…lemmie repeat that…DO NOT…want this game to fail. I came to WoT from LoL, and was playing LoL in beta. I liked Wot a hundred times more than LoL, and it has now become a game I barely play since starting this game. This game is a hell of a lot more fun than any I have ever played, only one game even comes close to it, and thats probably why I like it. The game it reminds me of is Freelancer, but with much more multiplayer directed content. It’s unique, and comparitively, your real money transaction rate is better than any I’ve seen in WoT. This game has potential, but atm that’s all it has.

If you want any anglo/american player base at all, you need to get these things addressed asap. In the works is good, but this should have been done before ever being launched for close beta. The patching system has been around for years now, it’s not a hard concept, and one that has been tried, fixed, and proven.

Paying for playing with friends, I know 2 people can stick together, supposedly for free, but how exactly, without using a license, needs addressing, and an explanation.

No fundamentals of game data, i.e. you can research long range laser tech, and have the faction to obtain, but not be able mount the laser itself. Obviously, this requires a certain level of ship, but with no fundemental explanation of game data, this is impossible to know beforehand, and applies to more than just this item/equipment. We can’t play, or begin to understand, without having something to go off of. Or using railguns, without being able to build faction from Jericho, i.e. Raid/Tech to obtain them. Needs an explantion.

As you can see, explanations are really important, basically aside from the patching, this is the one major drawback of this game, of course an explantion in a language not readable, doesn’t do us any good.

This game isn’t bad, I don’t dislike it, yea I get it’s still in beta, but these are all problems that should have been thoroughly vetted, and fixed before beta release, or at least in closed beta. What we should be solving/testing is game balancing, and looking for errors in the game and client.

Now I understand this is a multitude of problems in a post that originated from one grievance, so for that I apologize for that in advance, but again let me stress, you can take my post as offensive, and to a point there meant to be somewhat, but what was in there was also true. Again an internet business isn’t just limited to a local market, especially an MMO.

Looking forward to playing more, just don’t let this game fail, it needs work. But that is where we as customers have the luxury of going elsewhere, and were not stuck with any bills. The same can’t exactly be said for Devs of a game that goes nowhere. Money, time, work, all wasted? Not anything any dev really wants to do. Personally, I’d rather a dev not do that either, I wanna freakin’ play, but thats your job to make happen. I’ll try and do mine without being a bit of an xxxx, which I admit, I frankly can be.

Thanks for your feedback. This game is really something special and we are doing our best to see it succed.

About the patching system, I think it is different because the game is using an own engine so it could have something to do with that.

When the 2 man squad is added and working I will post a guide for that.

About the skill tree there are some plans, but I cant give any detailed information at the moment and Jericho will be added soon :wink:

Many of your these things are obvious and should be added until the release.

I know that your text was no personal attack, but I need to remind the players to stay calm so please excuse me.

I am also playing the game regular since the alpha tests so I know the problems and I can understand you well.

See ya in Space.