[F]My name inside the game is not the same as my profile name

As topic says I have a problem with my ingame name not being the same as my profile name. I don’t want to have any stupid number in my ingame name and it’s not even the same name as it is outside the game ( logging onto my yuplay account).


Would love to have this fixed because it looks really silly

Nice support going on in this game. Do you expect people to dish out cash when you can’t even help them out? Never have I played any game with a problem like this

In most cases the numbers appear when your name is already given to another player.

First of all my name in the game isn’t even the same as the one picked.


Second of all even if it would have been taken surely the game would not have given me a number and instead asked me to pick a new name, pretty standard procedure you know

you can change your name ingame though, rightclick your name at the top right while in hangar.