[F]Mercenary Pack: Artifact Scanner Broken

As of my first victory of today, under the latest patch… I have noticed that the “Artifact Scanner”… the bonus item you get when you buy the Mercenary Pack… no longer seems to function.


Normally without a artifact scanner, you get 5 chances… with the scanner, you get 6.


As far as the glitch goes… Not sure if its because of the latest patch… or if its only during your “first victory gets you 2x rewards” bonus… but in either case… only had 5 scans.



Unless I am mistaken, its a permenant item yes?  Cant find anywhere where it says “only works for X amount of wins”

We are investigating the issues with the DLCs and all lost or not received content will be replenished.

Ok cool…I didnt see a post similar to this one… either i didnt look in best place… or I was hoping I was the first to notice…doubt it though… burst my bubble…:stuck_out_tongue:

Logging out and back in works for me. I’ve noticed that the game tends to ignore the extra scan reward after I log in for the first time and get the 2x xp battle reward. 


Intermittent, anyhoo.