[F]Mac Steam client won't display on laptop monitor after booting from an external one

Hi, I’ve got a macbook laptop hooked up to an external monitor most of the time. 

The game boots up ok on that one but when you shut down the game, disconnect the monitor and then restart the game client from Steam the game seems to be getting rendered to a non-existant display.

 - I can hear the splash screen music playing

 - There apple menu bar has gone away

 - The game icon shows up in the dock

 - it accepts keyboard input (most importantly, command-q)

… but no game is displayed on the laptop’s screen. 


After reconnecting the external monitor I can restart the client and it renders the game to the external monitor. 


Things I have tried:

 - ‘gather displays’ and ‘detect monitors’ from the system preferences

 - changing the display resolution

 - rebooting

 - restarting steam



Here’s my system specs:

 Macbook Pro 2.2 i7

 8g Ram. 

 OSX 10.6.8

 Radeon HD6750M




I’ve figured out how to fix this bug: 

 - remove the directory  ~/Library/Application Support/StarConflict and the problem goes away. 

This problem also has an ‘inverse’: so if you run the game on a laptop monitor, then start it up with an external one, the display is locked into a smaller resolution window in the middle of the screen.

I’m guessing there are settings in the Application Support/Star Conflict directory that are generated only once and not updated when the monitor resolution changes.

Thanks for posting the fix. I hope this will help other users.