[F]Mac: bad client version

So I’m sure theres already a topic like this out there, but I didn’t see it when I searched… 


I’m using a Mac, so I’m trying to play through Steam, and the issue I’m having has been pretty much the consistently same since I downloaded the game about a month ago. There have been no less than 4 updates within the past week, and none of them have done anything to fix the problems I’m having. It appears the client version installed on my computer is  ahead of the “current” version, and when I try to log in, without fail I get the “bad client version” error message. I have attached two pictures to better show what’s happening. If anyone can help me that would be great, because I have yet to actually play this game…




it seems that you somehow downloaded the wrong version.

If you are playing through steam, please delete all local content from the game.

Go to your games library->Star Conflict->Porperties->Beta->None

and redownload the game.

Thanks, I did that and now it’s working perfectly.