[F]Lost Connection To Server. Reason: Steam Account tinformation is incorrect.

I was playing fine an hour ago but now this error comes up on login:

“Lost Connection To Server.  Reason: Steam Account t information is incorrect.”  


I’m using the exact same Steam account and have restarted Steam a few times now.  


Also, there is a typo in the error message.  


I logged into my Gaijin account and changed my password.  


Gave Steam one last try and it worked.  


Who knows.  Please lock / delete.  

I am pretty sure it was Steam Account LINFORMATION

With a l instead of t

Hmmmm , im not able to lock in via my Steam account. It says my account informations are wrong. Even when i try to log in over my Yuplay account , it says my Steam account informations are wrong .



OK I dunno why , but the problem is solved . For any reason it works now again  :dntknw: 

This issue was caused by steam and not by our game.