[F]Losing credits through DCs

I’ve been getting lots of “Network Errors” disconnects in game, and while seriously annoying, its not really something I kick up a fuss about.


However, there is a side effect that is seriously affecting my account. Each time I DC, my ship usually dies. If I can get back on, very good, but if I don’t get back on before the match ends (which happens often as I can get chain “Network Errors”) I’m left with the repair bill and no gains, losing 40-50k per battle DC. I’ve lost 160k to date and can no longer afford to pay for repairs.


Obviously I can’t avocate credits each time anyone just simply joining battle or people will just join and DC to get creds with no work, but if I can know what causes the DCs and how to lessen the chance of one, it would help a lot. If it’s overloaded servers, some help on the other side would also be really appreciated.


Now I’ll go test what happens if one goes flying in an unrepaired ship. Should be educational.