[F] keyboard randomly stops functioning

This bug would happen randomly when I’m in a match (average once per day); and I do not know how to reproduce it.  When it occurs, my letter and number keys will not respond in game, although they work fine when tabbed out.  The enter key and F-keys are fine.  I’ll have to restart the game to get it fixed.


I’m using a logitech k360 keyboard.  I’m using Windows 7 64-bit OS and start the game through Steam.

Ok I actually found out why this is occurring.  The game somehow allows me to switch IME while not typing into the chatbox.  Please disable switch IME in the game so when pressing Shift + Alt or Space, the keys don’t register because the system is switched to another input language.


Edit: to be more precise, the problem is actually shift+alt, where in Windows it means to change language.


edit 2: ok. the game needs to differentiate left/right ctrl and alt keys

This is an Issue related to Windos.


How to fix it:


Go to your System Controle Center -> Region and Language Options ->  Language Tab  -> Details -> here you should see a set of active Keyboard Language setups. Simply remove the one you do not use. This should solve your problem.


If not please respond afterwards.