[F]Key stroke noises (Mac)

I was playing this morning and everything was running smoothly, then the servers went down for an update. When I got back on to play my game makes a noise while im playing with any key i press, it makes a noise as if I am pressing a key where I can’t. 


I was running the game on my Macbook Pro (2007). Now im playing on my windows and no sound problems. Please fix this the game runs better on my Mac.

I’m having the same issue since the 12/3/2013 update.


Game is working fine but keys for forward/back/left/right etc are triggering mac’s ‘action unavailable’ default sound (also knows as the “Funk” default sound).


Normally you would expect to hear no system sound effect for these keystrokes.


Thallius, you can get round this temporarily by going to Sound in your System Preferences and turning ‘Alert Volume’ all the way down. 

Thank you so much! I was about to quit the game. The windows version runs too slugish for me but now I am back up and destroying space ships! Thanks again 


problem solved?