[F]jericho interceptors skill


to the meritum. its OP two iterceptors as kamikaze using this skill and a lot of ships is disabled for 7 sec, its too long, far too long. change it to 4 or make longer cooldowns on it, cuz i have seen players spaming it and its way too easy for team to win. you cant even run away from that or hide behind asteroid. you will get debuff anyway.

edit: or atleast make interceptor able to kill while using this skill.

just drop a nuke before the interceptor goes off its very very funny when they go boom

The stun is depending on the range. The Inty has a radius of 2km standard. Raid has 2.5km. The duration of the stun increases the closer you get to the interceptor. Also Frig and attack ships are usually stunned longer than inty.

good to know, thanks