[F]Is anyone else getting crashes when they shouldn't be?

I’m talking about crashing over asteroids that you should easily clear. I mean, I have successfully skimmed asteroids on afterburner a lot closer than some of my crashes (I’ll try to post a screenshot from practice later). Last night, I even crashed in open space. The most reasonable explanation I can come up with for the last part is that I was carrying the bomb and, when E-barrier triggered, the game dropped the bomb in front of me instead of behind me, but it still doesn’t explain the other ones.


You may crash into ship wreck. Ships are leaving wrecks after destruction.

I have noticed the wrecks before and I try to avoid them. I went to practice mode for the screenshot. I was even shooting at a target while going over the asteroid, I’m pretty sure I would have seen a wreck if it was in front of me. I even destroyed a bot in order to hit the wreck with my left side. I was TRYING to crash into it and it still took me 4-5 passes, the wreck has to be REALLY close to your cursor to do it. When I crashed in open space it was me +3 bots vs another pilot +3 bots, I doubt there were more than 2 kills total at that time. Also, the patch notes mention limiting speed to 600 and I was going 650 when the crashes happened, maybe that has something to do with it.