[F] interger over/underflows in the game

I noticed some interger underflows (and there are likely also overflows…) during the game session today.

The result was i lost my interstelar credits and ended up with -33 + I COULD NOT JOIN GAMES AnyMORE (Squad) because i have a negative billance + i could not buy any equipment even i had enought NORMAL money to do so.



So there 4 or more bugs in your code.



First you used “integers”, wich is fucked up and bad.

If you do not exspect NEGATIVE VALUMES to happen, then use u_int32 ok?

hat was issue one…


Issue 2 is: If negative values happen. Why does it affect my positive “normal currecnry” ballance? so they are related… that was bullshit. if the “interstelar” currecnry canÄt be below ZERO, a relation makes no sense.


So if it IS ZERO a player should eb able to play… so there is the second issue likely: you provided this function a wrong argument wich it can not handle… *asumption*…


  1. Your make relatiosn to the BALLAnCE of a player and the ability to play?! Are… nuts? no… your functions and logics is BADLY wrong… this PART OF THE CODE NEEDS A REWRITE, PLAYER MIGHT HITS THIS BECAUSE UF 1st and 2nd! YOUR CODE NEEDS AN AUDIT, no joke…


  1. I LOST MY MONEY… i hope you got DB records?!

I HAD like 600 or 5xx-something. I WONT lie nor betray you nor gain an advantage but I LOST IT. If i would have assumed this could happen I would have made a screnshot before and after this…

But fact is: I LOST IT ALL and ended up with -33… *thanks to your INT-usage… wich is ultimatively BULLSHIT… sorry guys…*. If you would have used u_int32 the client might have crashed… but I might kept my money :frowning:


It wouldn’t be unfair to reward me… I deeply suspect this issue is INT related…  i am a programmer and code auditor, and this happens mostly with software wich does no boundry check… IF YOU DO NOT EXSPECT NEGATIVE VALUES DO NOT USE INT… ok?

If you like to seriously audit your code to get rid of bugs: I am in a company wich does this on a professional base… in case you are interested. i just did not thought I hit such bugs… :frowning:



Also please note:


I HIT that bug in Squad, before I did not hit it…


Well 1-3 are nice for you btu what is about 4… my money… :frowning:


So… I attach some screenshots I made… i am there for questions… and i am… not pissed, it aint finished yet your game but: Such bugs are bugs from a student… *no offending*.



Kind regards







1)2) Fixed.

3)Please explain.

4)Contact our support if you lost any money without spending it on something.

3)Please explain.


As my interstelar Money was negative (now it is zero \o/) and my normal money was positive I was banned from playing/joining games norcould I buy modules even if I had the money as you can see int he screenshots. I was presented a error message (wich I could not make a screenshot of) that my balance was negative. If you fixed this with 1+2 it is great.


I will contact the support about 4th! Sorry for the harsh words I was just uberpissed that day…


Thanks for the great game and sure bugs can happen… 

Those bugs just lead to the situation I could not play at all (at my free day…) and I lost money and I just thought: WTF… :slight_smile:


None of my harsh words was said to insult any of you personaly. I just like to clarify this :slight_smile:



Kind regards,