[F] HUD/Ship out of alignment with Targeting reticle

My ship seems to be out of Alignment with the two half circle bars and targeting reticle, AS well as any target I have locked, their icon is far above them and to the left of where it should be and the lead targeting icon is always behind them… I can’t see my targets unless I am right up on them or I see a flash of their shields. Do I need to reinstall? I will take a screen shot and add it in just a momment so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.










REinstalling has not fixed the issue

It looks like an connection Issue. This offset on targeting is know for connection issues. press F11 to see your ping. Usual i have a ping of 30-100 and it runs very smooth.


Otherwise delet your user_config.cfg that can be found in: “own data/my games/star conflict” Reinstalling wont fix issues caused by settings, since this file will not be removed.


If this wont help either, please fill a bugreport and i will forward it. I do need your game.log of a game with this issue and system specs then.

After looking at settings I noticed that the screen was set to Fullscreen/Windowed. After changing it to just Fullscreen the problem was corrected.