[F]Heavy laser - damage not multiplying

The damage of heavy lasers does not double/triple on fighters/frigates, compared to interceptors.
Tested this several times.
All other weapons do get the bonus, just heavy laser don´t.

If you need more feedback, just tell me what you need.

I have tested this too. No affects whatsoever.

to be honesty they just need Rate of Fire increased to 120.

all beams except rapids should be 120 rate. damage output is to slow (even though dps is not bad)

I´perfectly fine with their ROF, just the damage not double/tripling on fighters/frigs makes them pretty useless on anything but an interceptor. And then, you have still the disadvantage of them being slow barreled so… pretty useless almost everywhere for now.

Well afaik mines are working properly. My around 450ish dps heavy lasers are doing around 2k500 dmg a tick which is every second right now. Sometimes less because of resists. But I have no problems with my 6 heavy lasers on my frigate. People just die in a few seconds…


Will test it too and will compare it with heavy weapons of similar dps…

Super, ur resurrecting an almost month old thread, this has been fixed, 3 weeks ago iirc.

Ooops my bad lol :slight_smile:


Spent a few hours testing all weapons with friends. Couldn’t find a issue. Now I see why :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to myself: do not answer post from 14 february.


Too bad there are not much threads here to discuss… I do like theorycrafting and min/maxing in games. 

Then well sorry again, false alert, move along citizens/pilots/whatever :slight_smile: