[F]Guard Frigates




6/10 synergy: 28k hull, 17k shield with equipments

In my last match 4 enemy tried to shoot me down, i out-healed them with only my emergency shield boost (mk 2, 12.7k shield over 20 sec). This role is absurdly durable.

Everything that comes closer than 2.5 km gets a 19% damage reduction (green item, the mk 3 is 2.6 km, -21%).  I shoot down missiles every 14 sec (would be 10 sec with mk 3).




The phase shield tooltip tells me that i have +75% damage for 5 sec when s1 shoot me with my chosen damage type. That’s like almost +75% damage if it works as it says.


Pls nerf this role (at least the damage), or tell me that i’m wrong and why.




This will be fixed in the next patch.