[F]Graphical issues with version 0.8.0

I’ve come across several graphical issues with the new 0.8.0 update.

Guard frigates missing 2 weapon turrets

I’m enclined to think this was done intentionally since Guard frigates’ armor and shields were buffed, so it’s only fair they lose some of their attack power, but it looks like it was done rather sloppily on Jericho frigates. On my Zealot and Zealot AE, for example, there are now 3 weapon turrets on the left “wing” and only 1 weapon turret on the right, which looks awkward. These should be made symmetrical, preferably moved to the front two slots on either side. I’m unsure if any other Guard frigates have similar asymetrical turret placement as I only have the two in Jericho unlocked so far.

Sticker permanently affixed to Jericho Templar frigate

There appears to be some kind of sticker permanently affixed to the Jericho Templar frigate which cannot be removed and overrides any other sticker selection. It’s a skull and cross bones on top of a white and red background with the numbers 2 and 7 on either side.

Skull decal on Empire Harpy frigates visible through top turrets

The new skull decal on the Empire’s Harpy frigate and it’s variants seems to be conflicting with the top weapon turrets. The skull texture is visible through the weapon’s turret as you rotate the camera around the ships, and the weapon appears to be hovering in air.