[F]Game Bugged ever since Server Crash Tonight

Ever since the servers crashed tonight the game queues have not worked.  in 3 hours or so I’ve managed to join 1 game, where 2/3 of the players statuses were disconnected or perpetually loading.  i also have wins and losses for games that I haven’t played and if I disconnect while in queue or cancel and start a new queue sometimes it says my ships are in another battle and no matter what I select afterwards they STAY in battle until I disconnect and re-log…


Main point: Game Queue is broken, please fix


Thanks! :smiley:

Agreed its broken as xxxx.

They are fixing it, there’s a new notification on the log-in screen (I refrain from using the word update, no new information per se).


Remember it’s beta after all.  Why they weren’t prepared for the fact that going public on steam MIGHT just strain their 5000 player server is beyond me, but stuff like this tends to happen.


Just give them a little time.

Here you will find more information.