[F]Frequent lags

Hello, so today i decided to try this game, but got a problem - when i enter a battle my ship just lags every few seconds changing its direction. For example when i keep going straight it just lags and suddenly goes up. I don’t even know it its a graphics problem since my pc can handle this game preety well.

Anyways my pc:

C2D E8400 running at 3.6Ghz

6Gb DDR2 800Mhz Ram

Club 3D Radeon 4870 512Mb OC

Asrock P45TS Motherboard

Running at 1680x1050 res

Its pretty old but between those lags game is really smooth


can you press F11 and report back how much FPS you get and how high your ping is?

Ok in battle FPS is around 90, and ping around 60 but during lag ping goes up to 400.

Going to check firewall and antivirus now.

From which country are you connecting and what is your internet connection?

Im connecting from Lithuania, and im using fiber, should be around 60Mb/s.

I think i found the problem, it’s probably my ISP’s fault.

Look at my download chart :facepalm:


Thanks for the help, gonna get that fixed