[F]Fix the Anti missile lasers.

Make the anti missile lasers to actually shoot the darn missiles, and not just magically explode them on the face of the person who fire them.

It is fracking xxxx that when you try to sneak up and launch that torpedo up to someones tile pipe, it gets INSTANTLY blown on your face, and you with it.

Either make the AMS not work on newly launched missiles, add some delay before it shoots missiles so they have a time to clear the launch tube.


Make it that the AoE of missile wont hurt the owner.

Right now it is down right xxxx to face frigate blobs, someone is bound to have AMS and with that goes any hope to sneak up with fighter and try to torpedo one.

PS: having a EWar module that “disables” modules, dont disable the anti missile system. Meaning that it is nearly fool proof “i win” against missiles.

Fix, nao!

Seriously… Why are non guided torpedoes also targeted by AMS? Its already hard as hell to hit with one.

The last thing you need is ~11k EMP damage asspoding on launch and trollface from the frigate.

To land a unguided torp, you need to get in range, perfect alignment or zero speed frigate, you also have to watch the blast wave from the explosion.

Having the AMS kill the torp (and you) on launch is shenanigans of highest order.

It is hard enought to pull it off without AMS fracking you in the arse.

Thanks for the feedback. Everything will be noticed and discussed.

Lets Vote for Stealth-Torpedos with 6 seconds stealth after launch!^^

Lets Vote for Stealth-Torpedos with 6 seconds stealth after launch!^^

ahha 6 sec would be a bit to much 2secs is fine.