[F]Federation Skill 7 - Afterburner Energy Reduction

Character name: - Demeisen
What did you expect to see: - A reduction in the energy cost of using afterburners.

What happened: - Nothing.

Please attach at least one screenshot or make a little video of the issue: - post-236788-0-14554200-1362869402.jpgpost-236788-0-31191100-1362869404.jpg

Not a bug. Machete type S is a rank 5 ship. that implant is rank 7.

For an implant to apply, the ship rank must equal or exceed the implant rank.


I think it’s to keep things fair when going back to lower tiers, so you dont get people with 12 active implants against new players.

Ah, thank you. Makes perfect sense, I was thinking that the advantage higher levels would have when piloting newbie ships through their skills alone would be huge.


Not that I’m doubting you or anything, but where does it say that? I just want to judge if I’ve been an idiot for missing it or if I’m in the clear and it doesn’t give that message in an obvious place.

It doesn’t say it anywhere. It’s just my “programmer logic” applied to empirical evidence; all implants display the same behaviour.


For example:

The Rank 9 Jericho +7 shield resist implant bonus only starts showing up on rank 9+ ships

The Rank 5 Federation +75% strafe speed implant bonus only starts showing up on rank 5+ ships