[F]Fatal Error

I registered in the Game and downloaded the game but it’s not working. If I launch the game (click PLAY) I have an Fatal error: Can’t initialize renderer. Current D3D video device is not supported by the game. I do not know what could it be. Please help.

Are you using an onboard grafic card? This message appears when your grafic device is not supported.

I have same problem.

To be exact with Radeon X1550 512MB

So is there any way to skip this error or i should give up and uninstall? (For me buiyng new graphics is out of question)

For some it helps to update direct x and the grafic drivers. Some other grafic cards will be supported in the future and I will check if yours is supported.

I updated the direct x and grafic drivers. It’s not working :(. I’ll wait when my card will be supported. Thx for trying to help :slight_smile: