[F]Expert Controls all the Time

Since the last update (0.10.6) my controls behave like expert setting, no matter what i actually choose.

When i change the settings from basic to expert or vice versa, it appers to me, that only the borders of the squared box, in which i can move the mouse change but the difference is negligible. its always inside or close to the speed/hp hud.

I put this thread here, because all my (windows) corp-allies dont have that issue.



I just put 20€ in this game just to find 20 minuts later out, that i effectively cant play that game for another week!

The last update brought the segfault crash on certain maps and now again(!) it appers, nobody had tested the linux build.

I think i should write a thread on the steam-page, maybe someone takes it serious enough there.

I have the same issue. It feels like the end of the game screen is reached and you cant move an further. If I move around a ship in the hangar (hold right and move the mouse) the problem appears too. 

Don’t be that mad :slight_smile: I put also €20 to this game and be happy that they will support Linux. The game is still in Beta, it will be better with the time. 

I also can’t use my didicated nvidia card currently. I have to use the onboard IntelHD card. This is sad too, but I think they (or even nvidia) will fix this in the future. 

Just wait and be happy that games even come to linux. 

linux and same issue here.

It seems they fixed it :) 

thank you for not waiting a week

I can confirm, its fixed.

Thanks for the hurry.

Thread marked as Fixed.